The unexpected is what I hope to achieve in my art always... Funky, Beautiful, Artsy Custom Phone cases and Home Decor

I’m Ingrid Padilla, a Southern California based artist who loves creating art for surface and textile design. Creating my art specifically for everyday functional items is what makes me happy. :-)
In my artworks, exploring and combining a mix of abstract art, illustration, and digitally enhanced artwork combinations is my passion. I often combine and experiment with my original paint and ink illustrations adding graphically created layers to create my unique artwork combinations.
Wonderfully whimsical and funky abstract art prints in varied sizes from my original art are also available.
I'm expanding my line and have many new beautiful products featuring my art.

My licensed artworks and features can be found
Deny Designs
Urban Outfitters
Oopsy Daisy
Wheatpaste Art Collective

Thanks Bunches!!
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